Pop Up Blocking Software

Most Pop-up blocking software will stop 121's Live Help chat box from opening. This happens because 121's Live Help chat box is a type of good pop-up that gets blocked by most Pop-up blocking software. Most of the Pop-up blocking software can not tell the difference between good pop-ups and bad ones. You may configure some of them to allow good Pop-ups, like the 121 Live Help Chat Box.

How Can I Tell If Pop-up Blocking Software Is On My Computer?

Most Pop-up blocking software comes in the form of a internet browser toolbar. Many of the major search engine company's offer this type of software for free, Such as Google, MSN and Yahoo. These toolbars are usually located just below the address bar on your internet browser. A sign that Pop-up blocking software is blocking 121's Live Help chat box is, the chat box will appear and then suddenly disappear. Another type of software that blocks Pop-ups is installed onto your computer when you install Micrsoft's Windows XP Service Pack 2.

How Can I View Good Pop-ups?

There are three things you can do to be able to view good pop-ups. One, you can adjust your pop-up blocking software to accept pop-ups on selected web sites (Sometimes this feature does not work correctly). Two, you can disable pop-up blocking from your toolbar to view good pop-ups and enable it when done. And three, you can uninstall your pop-up blocking software to view the good pop-ups and re-install it when finished. When dealing with the pop-up blocker that is installed with Windows XP Service Pack 2, you must goto Internet Explorer Options, Privacy, Pop-up Blocker Settings and add the site (www.121livehelp.com) to the allowed sites list.

P.S. Some types of toolbars, allow you too hold down the Control (Ctrl) Key while clicking the Live Help button and the live help chat box will appear.

The following is a list of popular pop-up blocking software. Click the links below to see instructions.

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